Fun at Energy 103.7!

Interning at The AJ Show has been fun, but this morning was just plain chaos – and I loved every second!

I showed up that morning thinking it’d be a normal fun show but wow, was I wrong. Across the hall, I saw Laura from KyXy 96.5 (we broadcast in the same building) prance around in a black leotard, high heels, cheetah coat and red lips as she sang Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” live on the air. Fierce! And unbeknownst to me, it was the day of The Dip Bowl Challenge at The AJ Show!

As a nod to the Superbowl this Sunday, AJ, Hula, Dorothy and Tonya all whipped up some yummy dips that would go head-to-head (or chip-to-chip) in a taste test judged by Kiku (our marketing and promotions director), DJ Tim Virgin and Chef Rich Sweeney, from Top Chef season 5!

AJ made a spicy Jambalaya dip, Hula made his own “Hulanator” creation of bacon and chorizo, Dorothy made a Jalapeño popper dip and Tonya made her healthy “Green Godness” dip. Chef Rich even brought in his own dip, made with chicken, arugula and brie. Everything was so good!

After the competition was narrowed down between Hula and AJ, the judges crowned Hula as the Dip Bowl Challenge champion. Congrats Hula!

Click here to see all their recipes. Think I might have to try a few myself!

Also, Chef Rich runs a restaurant called R-Gang Eatery in Hillcrest. Definitely visiting soon, so keep an eye out for that post. ;)

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