Sissy Time in SD

Me, Alarisse and Joana

Between school, my internship and family, my life is very busy. However, I try my best to make time for those closest to me. I realized I hadn’t hung out with my best friend, Joana, since her birthday in December. So she, my sister and I spent the day wandering around Hillcrest and downtown. Yay for sissy adventures!

It’s always a fun time when the three of us get together, but this trip went a little bit differently than planned.

Joana and Alarisse were in the mood for ice cream, so I thought we’d stop by this  placed I heard about called Lappert’s. There’s one up in Poway, but the closer location to us was on West Harbor Dr. – at least, according to Yelp there was a West Harbor Dr. location. Little did we know, we’d be fooled. We drove up, parked at the Convention Center and wandered around aimlessly looking for Lappert’s. The Maps app on our iPhones was no help either; we’d be standing in the exact location marked on the map with no Lappert’s in sight. After triple checking, we began asking passersby and even the front desk at the nearby Marriott and they all gave us the same puzzled look. The man at the front desk was helpful though and even looked up Lappert’s website, only to find out that it only listed its Poway location. Sooo weird! Needless to say, after over an hour of searching, we weren’t going to drive all the way to Poway for ice cream so we gave up and decided to move on with our day.

After our failed mission to Lappert’s, we decided to head over to our favorite thriftstore, Amvets! I love coming here because it’s so big, I always find great stuff and they have special discounts everyday (plus, I get a military discount – woo hoo!). On this visit, I scored a cute cream-colored lace collared top, cream-colored cardigan and a handful of books. Pics coming soon! :)

At this point, we were starving so my sister and I thought we’d take Joana to one of our new favorite spots called R-Gang Eatery in Hillcrest. As I posted in February, I met owner Chef Rich from Top Chef season 5 when he came into Energy’s studio for The Dip Bowl Challenge. I love R Gang for its unique twist on comfort food, different menus (brunch, dinner and drinks) and happy hour specials.

After R-Gang, we did a little bit more shopping around the area. We stopped by Buffalo Exchange and Urban Outfitters. Then before heading home, we popped into Chocolat and finally got our sweet tooth satisfaction with some gelato. Not quite the traditional ice cream we wanted earlier, but still really good!

We were out for about eight hours that day, but it didn’t feel like it at all! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, especially with great company. Those are the kinds of days – and people – that I cherish most.

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