Thank You, Energy 103.7!

As most of you know, Wednesday was my final day interning for “The AJ Show” at Energy 103.7 here in San Diego. Although I was sad that my time with the station had come to an end, I wanted to show my appreciation to the Energy team for making my experience so fun and meaningful. I wrote a short note to AJ, Dorothy, Hula and Tonya and read it to them as well. It said:

To all the fine folks at “The AJ Show”… aka AJ, Dorothy, Hula and Mystical Tears,

I wanted to say thank you for the past few months; I have learned so many things that I will carry on with me in my next endeavors. I have had so much fun here working with all of you and I thank you for making me feel welcomed.

I will miss the shenanigans, AJ’s funny shirts, Dorothy’s absurd off-air Do-Boy moments. I will miss the dancing and singing outbursts. I will miss these mornings.

As I leave, there will be some things I will never understand… like why the air conditioning suddenly blasts at 9 o’clock every morning, why Hula speaks more Spanish than any other language, or why Tonya sneezes like this:Β (insert mouse dying from allergies sound effect).

I will miss you amazing, crazy people and I am blessed to have worked closely with a group who cares so much about its work, listeners and community. I am proud to have had my start here at “The AJ Show” and I thank you all for this opportunity. I love being part of the Energy family and I am forever grateful and confused by this amazing experience.

Intern Cyra

Meant every word! ;) Again, thank you to the Energy family for giving me this incredible platform. My journey has just begun and I am glad that you have been a part of it. Thank you.


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