Happy 15th Birthday, Brennan!

Cyra Velasquez at SeaWorld San DiegoLast Thursday was my brother Brennan’s 15th birthday. Time flies! I honestly thought he was just turning 13 or 14, lol. And I don’t remember him being so much taller than me…

It also just so happened that Thursday was  Energy 103.7’s takeover of SeaWorld Summer Nights, so my siblings and I spent the evening having fun and celebrating at the park.

Check out the pictures from our night at SeaWorld by clicking the link below!

I haven’t been to SeaWorld in about five years, so I was suuuper excited to go. I was excited to the point that I cried when I saw the killer whales and the dolphins so up close. Okay, maybe I was a little too excited but could you blame me? They’re just so majestic. One of my dreams is to swim with dolphins someday.

Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego. Dolphin at SeaWorld San Diego.

After a quick stop by the killer whale and dolphin exhibits, we headed over to Manta, which is the park’s newest roller coaster ride. However, my older brother, Derek, is terrified of roller coasters and heights, so he skipped out on the Manta. Party pooper much? Brennan, Alarisse and I had a great time though; the ride was more exhilarating than I thought it would be. I was impressed (and a little dizzy afterward).

Next, we caught the sea lions show, which is STILL the funniest act at SeaWorld.

Sea lions at SeaWorld San Diego.

After Clyde and Seamore, we grabbed some snacks and headed to the Wild Arctic ride. We were really pressed for time because of the different show schedules and we wanted to fit it all in the few hours we had. I remember the Wild Arctic ride used to scare me when I was younger, so it was interesting to come back and experience it now as an adult.

Wild Arctic at SeaWorld San Diego. Wild Arctic at SeaWorld San Diego.

After the Wild Arctic, we had to hurry over to the other side of the park for Shamu Rocks, but first we paid a quick visit to the belugas and polar bears.

Beluga whale at SeaWorld San Diego. Polar beat at SeaWorld San Diego.

With only a few minutes to spare, we fortunately made it to the Shamu Rocks show. It was my first time seeing Shamu at night, so I wanted to get as close as possible, even if that meant we’d be sitting in the soak zone. I also ran into Dorothy and Hula before the show and they spoke to the audience, which was nice because everyone was so excited to see them.

Hula Ramos and Dorothy Tran at SeaWorld San Diego.

Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld San Diego. Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld San Diego. Shamu Rocks at SeaWorld San Diego.

The show was sooo pretty and thankfully, we didn’t get wet! Not a single drop! :) After Shamu, we had about an hour left and the birthday boy wanted to ride the Manta again, so that’s what we did. It took a lot of convincing, but Derek came with us the second time around. I was very proud of him for coming along because it’s been about 10 years since the last time I rode a roller coaster with him.

Cyra and Alarisse Velasquez riding the Manta at SeaWorld San Diego. Derek and Brennan Velasquez riding the Manta at SeaWorld San Diego. Derek Velasquez after the Manta at SeaWorld San Diego. Derek Velasquez riding the Manta at SeaWorld San Diego.

Derek said he “hated every single minute” of the Manta, but I was loving it. His reaction was PRICELESS; I just had to make a meme out of it!

I had to leave the park a little bit earlier than my siblings because I had to make it to work by midnight, but we had a really good time! And it was so cool to have the park exclusively to Energy and KyXy listeners and see how happy everyone was to be there. Thank you so much to Energy 103.7 for the tickets and thank you to everyone who came out! Brennan had a fun birthday – and so did I! ;)

More pictures below.


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