What Do You Mean It’s Cream?!

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

Have you ever “friend zoned” a beauty product? You know, you’ve seen it on the shelf dozens of times, even picked it up once or twice, but it didn’t quite make the trip back home with you?

For me, one of those products was cream blush. I just couldn’t find any reason to try it; I was more than happy with my main squeeze, MAC’s powder blush in Coppertone. Plus, cream blush seemed a little intimidating to work with. Would it leave me with disappointment, a broken heart, or even worse, stained fingertips?

Standing in that Ulta aisle, I was still a bit unsure. Maybe it was the lighting or that Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” was playing, but I finally decided it was time for cream blush and I to take that next step together.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

After browsing through the different colors and looking at swatches online, I picked “Tea Rose.” Compared to the lighter and bolder shades, this seemed the safest way to go.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

On its website, NYX describes this as a “medium beige-pink.” In these photos, it comes off a lot brighter and redder than it is in person. It is a medium pink, but I would say this blush is definitely more pink than beige.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

I read that most people like to use their fingers to apply cream products, but I used a makeup wedge instead. I used my fingers to warm the product in the pan, then dabbed the sponge into the cream blush.

Side note: I am also wearing Tea Rose on my lips! Generally, a lot of cream blushes double as lip tints which is a major plus if you like products with multiple uses.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.One thing I learned quickly about cream blush is a little goes a long way. Even with Tea Rose’s great pigmentation, I probably underestimated how much coverage I would get from a cream product on my typically oily skin. I ended up applying more blush than I intended and more than I usually wear.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

If you find yourself having applied too much (like I did), the good news is removal is easy – just don’t wait too long to do it. Take a clean tissue or paper towel and DAB it onto the areas you want to lighten. DO NOT WIPE the product off, or else it will peel and create patches in your foundation. Again, do this as soon as possible because once the cream blush dries, it will not budge.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

As much as I struggled with applying too much product, that actually ended up being one of the things I liked about cream blush. Although it required more care and precision than powder blush, I did enjoy its ability to build intensity.

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

As far as staying power, Tea Rose lasted an impressive six hours on my skin without any fading or smudging. Because of its creamy texture, I think this works for dry skin – and because of its long wear, I think this is ideal for oily skin types as well. Everyone wins!

Nyx Tea Rose rouge cream blush.

My only real complaint with Tea Rose is that the color didn’t turn out to be what I thought it was. I pictured this to be way more muted and beige, but it came off a lot more pink than it looked in the pan. Even online the pictures are not accurate. I usually like a more neutral or peach-toned blush, so this wasn’t really my style. But if you’re a fan of pink cheeks (or just want to give cream blush a shot), I’d say give this a try!

NYX’s rouge cream blush is available at Ulta for $5.99 (USD). I have also seen it available at Target and Nordstrom Rack.

So tell me… what product have you taken out of the “friend zone”?


6 responses to “What Do You Mean It’s Cream?!

  1. It looks gorgeous on you! I have a NYX cream blush in “rose petal” and I use it with real techniques stippling brush. That brush makes wonders with these cream blushes.

    • Go for it! The good thing about NYX is that it’s pretty affordable, so if the product doesn’t work out, your wallet doesn’t take much of a hit. And if it does work out… all the more reason to stock up! ;)

    • It is pretty! I just wish that my Ulta carried all, and not just some, of the colors. I would like to try more of NYX’s cream blushes since they happen to be a fan favorite.

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