Work Samples


Left: Joe in 1976. Right: Joe in 2013.

Joe Shrin in 1976 (left) and 2013 (right).

This is the first installment of a new weekly KCR feature I created called Sunday Spotlight. I interviewed longtime KCR DJ, Joe Shrin, who has been with the station nearly 40 years. We discussed the changes he has seen in KCR and general media over the years.



Logged in to through “The AJ Show” host AJ Machado, I contributed to online content for the website. Here is an example of the weekly blog post I wrote which highlights weekend events happening all over San Diego.


Cyra Velasquez at the 2013 Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) Press Conference.
Here is a post I wrote for my blog that details my experience attending an exclusive press conference for Fashion Week San Diego in April 2013.



Video Production

Hotel Del Social Media Video

From my 2012 spring semester at SDSU, this video is a group project for a class I took called “Media Technology in the Global Environment.” This is an inside look at legendary Hotel Del Coronado’s use of social media and success in the digital age. I co-wrote the script and directed, produced, shot, edited and narrated the video.


Here is an on-air segment I did for “The AJ Show” where I spilled the top five secrets of interning with Energy103.7.


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